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Concave Halo + Pro v2 FG - Black/Solar

Concave Halo + Pro v2 FG - Black/Solar

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Size Men's US

Elevate your game with the 2024 Halo + Pro Series boots – designed to redefine comfort and performance. Our latest release features updates in colour and upper pattern, enhancing your experience on the field whether you're playing football, soccer, rugby, or  NFL.

Precision Fit and Ultimate Comfort: Experience luxury and functionality with the A-grade kangaroo leather upper. Strategic stitching ensures a secure fit, while the neoprene inner lining provides lasting comfort, boosting your endurance.

Innovative Soleplate for Dominance: Our redesigned soleplate boasts dual anti-torsion bars and a hybrid stud pattern for impeccable grip on firm ground surfaces. Wider dimensions offer a secure fit for more diverse foot shapes.

AccuStrike Railing System (ARS): Improve your kicking accuracy with our patented ARS technology, guiding the ball for precise strikes. The expanded sweet spot empowers you to consistently deliver powerful shots on target.

Elevate your performance with the 2024 Halo + Pro Series – your choice for top-tier football, soccer, rugby and NFL boots. Step onto the field with confidence and style.

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